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Middle East Business Consulting

Middle East Business Consulting is a company based in Victoria, Texas with resources located in Dallas, Houston, Austin, Phoenix, and Detroit.

We are able to fulfill all of your business needs, whether youíre already doing business in the Middle East or considering entering the market.

We can provide the following services:

               ∑ Cultural and Diversity Training
               ∑ Interpretation Service
               ∑ Documents Translation Service
               ∑ Negotiation Training and Service
               ∑ The Doís and Donít in the Middle East
               ∑ Entertaining Etiquettes Training
               ∑ Understanding Body Language & Handshake

All of our professionals are of Middle Eastern background, have lived and conducted business in many Middle Eastern countries, and are currently residing and conducting business in the United States.

We are proud to bring you the expertise our professionals possess so that youíre assured the best advice, consultation and training necessary to ensure your companyís long term success and staying power.


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